Handicap – Wheelchair users welcome

Handicap generally it is not easy for people with disabilities to travel. Especially in a country like Morocco, which is not – like every Middle Eastern destination – geared to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It should be pointed out, however, that the relevant authorities and important travel partners would show the requisite goodwill.

Therefore people with disabilities are also very welcome in Morocco.

One advantage of a trip to Morocco is that personal costs are very low. This means that all vital services are very reasonably priced. Moreover, the people are also very friendly and helpful. This is a religious duty and the obligation of the host.

The Rose du Sable decided to ensure it would have an extremely attractive offering some time ago. Its own experience (a member of the family which owns the hotel is a wheelchair user) has made the management of the hotel especially sensitive to the needs and concerns of disabled people.


The airline Royal Air Maroc (RAM) flies to Morocco several times per week from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Basle-Mulhouse, Munich and Zürich. The largest hub in Morocco is Casablanca. The modern Aéroport international de Mohammed V is equipped to enable wheelchair users to take connecting flights to Agadir, Marrakesh and Ourrzazate. In Ouarzazate we will pick you up from the airport and drive you directly to our hotel. The journey from the airport to Agdz takes around one hour.

Hotel complex

The entire hotel (excluding the roof terrace) is wheelchair accessible. The hotel has been carefully planned and built with the needs of disabled visitors in mind. There are a total of 10 beds available in two- and three-bed rooms. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and heating. Two rooms share a large bath (door width 65 centimetres) which is fully wheelchair-accessible. The pool can be filled to the edge with water, making it easier to enter and get out.