Guests’ experiences

«Our first reaction was: it looks like a castle! But it is in Morocco. The hotel is fabulous!! We entered a different world. This is how I imagine 1001 Nights. You spend lots of time in the Berber tent. Very comfortable sofas, just right for relaxing and doing nothing. Berber whisky (tea) is also served regularly here. And there is a small pool for the children where they can cool down and play. The staff at the Rose du Sable are incredibly nice and helpful. The rooms are fantastic and what I liked most of all were the numerous mosaics throughout the hotel: on the walls, doors, chests, beds, tables, etc. And great care has been taken to ensure the needs of wheelchair users are met, the lower floor is perfectly furnished and, of course, wheelchair accessible. I also enjoyed the pleasant evenings spent over tajine or top-quality couscous – under the stars of course !!! For anyone who fancies stretching their legs the beautiful palmeraie behind the hotel is unbeatable. A stunning palm forest interspersed with the fields of the farmers of Agdz. A walk into the village is also exciting and it is easy to come into contact with the local population. And then, of course, there is loads to see and experience in the local area. Our family had a very nice time – we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy exciting holidays.»

Brigitte, Roman, Carole und Romy Gerber, Heiden (Switzerland)

«Watching the world go by from the terrace, walks through the oasis gardens, excellent food with splendid staff: The Rose du Sable is a peaceful oasis amid the hubbub of everyday Moroccan life.»

Tanja Langenauer, Muolen (Switzerland)

«It was already getting dark when we arrived in Agdz so we were happy that we would soon be arriving at our destination: Katrin’s riad the “Rose du Sable”. And there it was, just as Katrin had described it, in the typical casbah style of this region. The splendour of the hotel far exceeded all my expectations. The colourful rooms and the garden were also in the typical Berber style and form a bright contrast to the uniform sand-built homes of the areas of Morocco close to the Sahara. As soon as we had occupied our rooms we made ourselves comfortable on the soft cushions in the garden and were served a fantastic tajine. The children, on the other hand, insisted on splashing around in the pool. During our three days in Agdz we enjoyed exciting trips into the surrounding area. There is still lots more to discover. In Agdz there is a completely authentic weekly market which really shouldn’t be missed. Our holidays in Morocco are among the most enjoyable we have ever taken. Who knows – perhaps we’ll be back soon to experience other parts of this fascinating country …!»

Claudine und Martin Krüsi, Heiden (Switzerland)

«The Rose du Sable is a wonderfully situated maison d’hôtes with Moroccan flair. You sense immediately that this hotel has been built and furnished with a real passion for detail. The rooms are large and, thanks to the air conditioning, pleasantly cool. The beautiful garden invites you to linger and the large tent provides wonderful shade even in the heat of the day. You can also cool off in the small but excellent pool. The splendid reception and family atmosphere are other good reasons to return to spend a few more stress-free days in the Rose du Sable.»

Annette Blaser, Schönbühl (Switzerland)