The oasis dotted with 1.1 million palms along the Oued Drâa is a slice of paradise on earth which man can cultivate and use to obtain food. The date palm is one of the oldest cultivated plants in Morocco and is one of the most important food sources. The date palm is constantly watered, making it easier to grow other plants such as citrus fruits, apple, apricot, almond and olive trees between the palm groves.

It is well worth taking a walk among the palm gardens and not just to enjoy the flora. The so-called palmeraie is swarming with life. Women farmers with children in their arms drive their donkeys along the footpaths. Children play alongside mint and vegetable fields. Women wash clothes at watering places. Dromedaries chew foliage. Nonetheless there are still numerous places of tranquility and magical beauty.

The Rose du Sable is at the entrance to the palmeraie, with a footpath next to the house leading deep into this verdant world. In the mornings male and female farmers set off to work in the gardens. The people are friendly and are delighted when people from another world take an interest in them and their work. Friendly contact is quickly established, even without a common language.