Welcome to our hotel. To reach us you have crossed the Anti-Atlas and have therefore already seen the edge of the Sahara Desert. You are sitting on the roof terrace and enjoying the pleasantly soft and refreshing breeze. Your gaze settles on the landscape. In the distance exotic noises can be heard. A donkey brays. The muezzin calls. The land turns red. The sun is setting and the first stars are starting to appear.

The Rose du Sable represents both poetry and individuality. The hotel’s location amid ancient palm groves is unequalled in the Vallée du Drâa. The terrain around the hotel is protected by strict conservation laws. The long oasis of the Draa river winds its way from the foothills of the Anti-Atlas to the Hamada (desert) du Drâa. The banks of the river are lined with date palms. The unique features of the oasis have attracted several film productions.

Situated way between Ouarzazate and Zagora is the small town of Agdz. This is where you will find us. The hotel, completely built in the local style, blends perfectly into its setting. The interior, created with a passion for detail, achieves a perfect mix of style and comfort. The furniture, hand-made from tamaris – a type of desert wood –, is charming. In the garden grenadine trees bloom and figs ripen. In fact the visitor wants to stay for ever, but the valley entices with its wealth of opportunities for cultural encounters and adventure.